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'You COMPLETE turnip': Max Berger claiming anyone defending Rittenhouse is 'endorsing apartheid' goes so so SO WRONG

Max. Dude. THINK before you tweet.

A white guy killing two other white guys in what looks more and more like self-defense looks NOTHING like apartheid. Seriously. It’s almost as if some people just sit around trying to figure out how to out-dumb themselves on Twitter.


Hey, don’t take our word for it:

Defending the guy who appears to have defended himself against a child predator and another criminal is an endorsement of apartheid.


Weird flex, dolt.

Does Max think the two guys who were attacking Kyle were Black?

Or is he really just this dense?

We suppose both could be true.



Don’t look at us, we just work here.


Without racism, so many of these blue checks would absolutely be rendered irrelevant.

Excellent point.



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