Julie Kelly’s thread about what this country is doing to a January 6 defendant … is awful.

You read it and think to yourself this CAN’T be happening in America.

And yet, it is.

A defendant who hasn’t even been charged yet?!

Kelly shares all the details in what is truly a terrifying thread:

Been in jail and denied bail SINCE JANUARY.

Not receiving medical care.

Again, how is this happening in AMERICA?!

That they won’t release medical records is … you know what, it’s terrifying. We know, we’re using that word a lot but we simply can’t believe this is happening here.

Maybe Hunter’s laptop?

Huh, sounds like a conflict of interest.

Just sayin’.


He hasn’t even been charged yet.

And they’re holding him in jail? Cuffed? Refusing to release his medical records?


Denied shower for 10 days.

Does Judge say he doesn’t have the ability to decide where he’s housed? But he can keep him jailed without charges?


Can’t even promise him he won’t be assaulted again.

This is … insane.


No words.



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