Being ‘woke’ has become a religion.

And according to author, John McWhorter, it’s betraying Black America.

Michael Shellenberger was good enough to write about the book and what McWhorter himself has said about ‘woke’ America.

It’s kabuki and it needs to stop.

Boo and yah.

Point 4 really jumps out to us …

You must strive eternally to understand the experiences of black people BUT you can never understand what it is to be black.

Alrighty then.

So basically everything and everyone is racist.

Sounds legit.

The book. ^

This. ^

Instead of helping build Black kids up, they’re lowering standards and expectations? How does that help Black America? How does that solve racism?

Oh, it exists.

Ding ding ding.

It really is.

Ok, and now this editor has to read the book.




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