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Another RED-PILLED! Progressive admits her 'progressive bubble' made Rittenhouse case seem like a VERY DIFFERENT case

Progressive bubble bursting? Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Note, we typically do not cover ‘randos’ on Twitter because who knows if they are who they really say they are BUT in this case, we are making an exception. Sarah Beth Burwick said the quiet part out loud, and that is her progressive bubble has tainted the reality of the Kyle Rittenhouse case.


For example, she thought from the media reporting that the ‘victims’ were Black.

Take a look:

Yeah, that progressive bubble will do that.

And the Left knows this. If they repeat the lie enough times it becomes true.

Or at least true in their progressive bubble.

This is all they ultimately care about because it allows them to keep pushing their narrative and agenda.

Sounds like she’s been red-pilled.


Yup, she’s gettin’ it.


There may be hope for this country yet.



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