It’s not every day we write about a thread from a self-proclaimed Progressive Democrat and we’re NOT making fun of them. But this thread from Ben Yelin about the ‘funny pattern’ emerging on the Left when it comes to acceptance of inconvenient facts is pretty damn good.

And honest.

Again, not something we see every day on Twitter SO you know we had to share it with you, dear reader:

Keep going.

Trust us.

Carville is extremely annoying.

See? We agree!

It gets better.

And by going mainstream people realize there is some reality behind it.


Whoda thunk, right?

Ok, so we’re not legitimately awful (not anymore legitimately awful than people on the Left) but we’ll give him this one since he’s having sort of a mea culpa moment.

Huh, there IS a pattern. Who knew?

Ben Yelin, that’s who.

And he’s right (except for that ‘awful people’ crap) – the Left refuses for whatever reason to accept a problem proposed by the Right until it’s too late and they’ve lost an election (see McAuliffe). We’re willing to bet this pattern continues, even though people are starting to figure it out.

2022 is gonna be somethin’ else!



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