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'PATHETIC lie!' Kamala Harris pisses BOTH the Left and the Right off with tweet claiming Biden admin has made REAL PROGRESS

Either Kamala Harris doesn’t really understand how these things work OR she thinks Americans are too stupid to understand how these things work.

People going back to the jobs they had before is not really ‘adding jobs,’ Kammy.


And the unemployment rate dropping because you all finally cut them off from the benefits you were paying them to stay unemployed doesn’t really count either.

But sure, that’s progress.

At least we can’t hear the creepy giggle and cackle with her tweets, right?



Instead, you have the same window.

Whoa. We get it.



Government at work, ladies and gents.

President Magoo.

Almost as good as Brandon.



That is pathetic.


Seriously womp womp womp.

Wow, people just really don’t like Kamala Harris. LOL



How do you STILL believe this?! Chuck Ross SCHOOLS a very desperate Seth Abramson doing his best to CLING to #RussiaGate

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‘REAL crimes’: Glenn Greenwald takes media APART in merciless thread for mindlessly spreading CLINTON (Steele) Dossier hoax

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