Does it get any more corrupt than Hillary Clinton?

Ok, so Brandon might be up there too BUT what we’re learning about the Steele Dossier and the Clinton campaign is pretty damn damning and corrupt AF.

And our pals in the media of course did their part to help spread the whole mess.

Glenn Greenwald DROPPED them all:

Spread mindlessly by media.

They do a lot of things mindlessly though, so this is no surprise.

Pretty awful.

They’ll try and pretend they never really thought the dossier was real and they questioned it from the get-go and ignore the very real part they played in wasting four years of our time babbling about Russia and Trump to appease a bunch of whiny Lefties who couldn’t accept their evil cankles-candidate didn’t win.

Fair point.

For some, it was pretty freakin’ deliberate.

Looking at you, Washington Post.

Looking at you, CNN.

Looking at you, MSNBC, especially MADDOW.

Because supposedly she’s just entertainment anyway.

A judge said so.



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