The Lincoln Project really has turned into the herpes of trolls.

They’re annoying.

They’re painful.

And they just stick around forever.

You’d have thought after 2020 this batch of self-serving grifters would have figured out it was time to move on but nope, they’ve doubled and tripled down their efforts to try and hurt anyone and everyone they can tie to Trump in any way. Mainly because they know if they don’t find a new way to torment the Right, the Left will stop giving them their money.

This last stunt though in Virginia at a Youngkin campaign bus stop was their crappiest stunt yet. Granted, many of us still doubt they were responsible and took the fall to try and help McAuliffe since they were ‘coming for’ Youngkin, BUT for all intents and purposes for this thread, let’s go with the idea they did it themselves.

Drew Holden did an amazing job here:

Well, it did.

Unless the person in question was a complete moron and desperate for this to be real.

As we said up there … yup.

Shakespearean, this is a brilliant way to look at this failure.

David Corn.

Because OF COURSE.


C’mon, it’s Swalwell. Is anyone surprised this dunder-head bought into it?

Yeah, this was really really really bad.

Imagine if she had bothered to do a little actual investigative reporting before posting?

Silly us, expecting a reporter to do their job and stuff.

They so badly wanted Youngkin to be some crazed Nazi-supporting white supremacist alt-right hater.

Probably because they don’t really have anything to offer themselves …


What a bunch of dolts.

You’d think by now they’d know better … you know what, never mind. They don’t know better.

Yeah, THIS was exceptionally poor.

Hey media, tell us you’re totally biased hacks without telling us you’re totally biased hacks.


In a horrible way.

Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens … they are the real deplorables.


Virginia Democrats.


Someone is definitely lying.

We are SO waiting for those shoes to drop.

Can’t wait!



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