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Joy Reid blames 'history of unbroken white Christian goodness' in thread about why McAuliffe REALLY lost and pisses BOTH sides off

We’ve gotta hand it to Joy Reid.

When she says something really stupid she stands by it.

Heck, she doubles and even triples down on it.

So either she really believes this nonsense OR she thinks her supporters do.


Either way, yikes.

Because only white guys work construction.


The one that literally has nothing to do with infrastructure?

K again.

Biden’s fault.

BUT Glenn was apparently too Christian and kind or something.

Don’t look at us, broad is nuttier than a squirrel’s BM.



Group dominance?

Wouldn’t that fall in line with forced vaccines? Forced masking? Lockdowns? Youngkin talked about the individual.

Maybe she wasn’t really paying attention to the election.


And time-traveling hackers allegedly went on Joy’s personal blog and wrote a bunch of homophobic stuff.


You darn traditional Democrats aren’t insane enough for Joy.


Her thread even pissed off Democrats.

We don’t much like it either.

His bio reads that he is a Hillary Clinton Democrat, fyi.



And this. ^

Something like that.




Oh honey, stop! AOC uses her big brain and ECON degree to explain WHY inflation is happening in a thread annnd we can’t EVEN

‘Right-wing COVID deniers are using it …’ Techno Fog exposes why CDC REALLY changed vaccine definition with emails obtained by FOIA

‘He’s NOT owned. HE’S NOT!’ Wajahat Ali tries REALLY hard to pretend he LIKES getting his a*s kicked on Twitter all day (fails miserably)

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