Yup, the CDC is a sucky, politically charged organization now. That’s it.

Techno Fog filed an FOIA to find out the real reason the CDC changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ … and the truth is pretty damn close to what those crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’ claimed it was.


Of course.

From Techno Fog:

CDC emails we obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal CDC worries with how the performance of the COVID-19 vaccines didn’t match the CDC’s own definition of “vaccine”/“vaccination”. The CDC’s Ministry of Truth went hard at work in the face of legitimate public questions on this issue.

In one August 2021 e-mail, a CDC employee cited to complaints that “Right-wing covid-19 deniers are using your ‘vaccine’ definition to argue that mRNA vaccines are not vaccines…”

After taking some suggestions, the CDC’s Lead Health Communication Specialist went up the food chain to propose changes to the definitions: “I need to update this page Immunization Basics | CDC since these definitions are outdated and being used by some to say COVID-19 vaccines are not vaccines per CDC’s own definition.”

Screenshots of the actual emails are on Techno Fog’s substack.

That was convenient as well.

By doing the exact opposite.




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