Don’t worry, Democrats.

Your pal, Rachel Maddow, wants you all to know the absolute A*S-KICKING you all took in Virginia on Tuesday is no big deal and just how elections ‘ebb and flow’. She even pretended to do a little homework to prove that it’s totally normal for the opposing party to the White House to win both Virginia and New Jersey the following year.

Except notice, she leaves out one MAJOR year that sort of debunks the whole damn thing.

Watch, if you can stand it.

Virginia is making her crazy. It’s making them ALL crazy. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, crazier.

Notice she left out the year McAuliffe actually won as governor, 2013.

A year after Obama won re-election.

Convenient, yes? Or rather, inconvenient for poor Rachel.

It’s hard to look comfortable when you’re desperately lying your a*s off to ignore reality.


Because that debunks her entire narrative.

And she knows it.

She also knows her diminishing viewers are not smart enough to know it.

MSNBC, y’all.



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