You know the drill by now, Twitchy reader.

We find an awesome thread that doesn’t need much intro from us and let them do all the work …


Actually, joking aside, this thread is pretty damn awesome, going into detail about how Glenn Youngkin WON IN VIRGINIA. The state they said was blue. The state they said wouldn’t flip. The state where Obama, both Bidens, Kamala Harris, Pharrell, Stacey Abrams, and Dave Matthews stumped for McAuliffe.

Youngkin did it.

And it isn’t because America loves white supremacy. Sorry, not sorry, Jemele Hill.

Take a look, you’ll thank us.

Trump knows the middle class.


Keep going.

He did indeed run with it.

Not to mention McAuliffe doubled down on it … a lot.

Ding ding ding. ^


Because if they feel sorry enough for the poors they can stop feeling guilty for not doing more for the poors.



They don’t stop flying around in their private jets but they want US to give up our SUVs.


SALT exemptions.


Galaxy Brains like Jonah.


Trump was a good president.

Like him or not, he got a lot of stuff done.

Youngkin walked that tightrope and he did it perfectly.


This seems like such a duh moment to us but it’s a good point.

GOP should absolutely campaign on reversing the overreach.

This this this! Paying attention yet, GOP?

Youngkin just focused on what really mattered. Seems pretty simple, right?

Imagine if more elected officials did the same.



HA! LOOK on Rachel Maddow’s face as she and Larry Sabato realize the Virginia ‘bloodbath’ is actually a RED WAVE is PRICELESS (watch)

Christina Pushaw OBLITERATES Jemele Hill with 1 PERFECT tweet-pic for claiming Democrats lost because America ‘loves white supremacy’

You’re on CAMERA! Confederate-jacket wearing a-hole caught positioning himself for JUST the right racist pic at Youngkin rally (watch)

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