After the stunt Democrats and McAuliffe … umm … sorry … The Lincoln Project tried to pull with the five fake Nazis at a Youngkin campaign stop you’d THINK they would know better than to try something stupid again.

But nope.

This picture was all over Twitter, shared by a bunch of journos who didn’t bother to find out who the guy with the newly sewn-on Confederate flag patch guy really was.

Shocking, we know.

Luckily, someone had the footage … watch this:

Always trying to move back.

Someone always making sure his back is to the cameras.

Almost like it was planned.

Gosh, golly and gee.

You know, for our country being so evil and racist and stuff, Democrats sure do have to fake it a lot.

What a jacka*s.

It certainly feels that way.

We shall see.



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