During the first gubernatorial debate in Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe made a VERY big deal about how ‘top conservative’ Bill Kristol had ENDORSED HIM.

We’re not entirely sure why ol’ Terry thought that would impress anyone but whatevs.

Heck, even Jennifer Rubin tried to tell everyone how much Bill’s endorsement would matter to the election.

Narrator: It did NOT.

It was a lot of fun watching Bill try to squirm his way out of this one:

Silver linings.

Like no grocery tax?

Like halting taxes on small businesses for a year?

Like supporting law enforcment?

Like parents involved in school?

Sorry, but Trump just absolutely broke this guy.

Save it, Bill.

You were absolutely no help.

Any party owning a group of people is worrisome, Bill.

That’s not how it works.

Besides …

But nice try, Bill.



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