We’re wondering if AOC has ever actually even taken an ECON class after reading this.

Sandy thought she would try and explain to anyone on Twitter who is concerned about inflation why inflation is happening.

Don’t laugh.

Not yet.

So her plan is to sign a law that will make inflation worse.

Seems legit.

She really wants people to believe companies won’t pass those increased expenses on to the customer.


When the government shuts down businesses putting tens of millions of Americans out of work and then continues to pay them not to work it’s pretty complicated and expensive.

Fixed it for her.

The pandemic didn’t do that, Sandy.

The government did.

She has no data but the point stands.

Because she doesn’t care if he’s factually correct as long as she’s emotionally right.

Or something.

Uh huh.

No one is saying it’s ‘too far out there.’

We just know it won’t really solve anything and will cost a fortune.

Not to mention we also know Sandy gets a bunch of money for her green initiative crap if this disastrous bill passes.

But we digress.


This. ^

And there it is.



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