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'Over Macho Grande'? Dan Rather gets WAY more than he asks for when melodramatically declaring he's NOT OVER Jan 6

Dan Rather thought it was really important to tell everyone that he still isn’t over January 6.

What an entitled life he must lead if all he has to worry about is an event that literally had no impact on him personally at all.


In other words, he won’t be able to move on until all of you big meanies who disagree with him are ‘dealt with.’


We’re still not over Dan Rather inventing fake news.



That. ^



BOOMITY: Brit Hume OWNS Joe Lockhart as only HE can for comparing #LetsGoBrandon to coded ISIS/Klan/Nazi statement

THANK YOU FOR COMING: Why oh WHY would Terry McAuliffe staffers block the media from asking questions on Election Eve? (watch)

Are you HIGH?! Joe Lockhart comparing #LetsGoBrandon to ‘coded messages’ from ISIS, Nazis, and the KLAN is ALL hilarious fail

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