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'SLOOOW clap': Jake Tapper reassuring everyone COVID knew not to infect his group since they only took their masks off for a pic does NOT go well

Can we just get rid of the stupid masks? C’mon, it’s so dumb at this point.

Jake Tapper shared a picture of some bake-off he thinks we’re all supposed to care about.


We didn’t.

Until he followed it up with this odd tweet about how taking the masks off for a pic was ok or something because COVID is super smart and knows not to infect you when your mask is off during a photo-op.

This has all gotten so damn dumb.

Welp, thank goodness COVID was thoughtful enough not to zap any of them when their masks were off.

Remember when Democrats told us people couldn’t catch COVID if they were protesting for BLM?

Good times.

Because everything is stupid.

They’re all screwed now.




COVID is a thinking man’s virus.

This group was clearly too distinguished to catch the virus.



Same face here.



Tell us you’re a dbag without saying you’re a dbag: Terry McAuliffe continues pushing lie about number of VA children in hospitals with COVID

Dude. What?! LOL! McAuliffe staffer who tweeted grossly RACIST things ROASTED for yet ANOTHER false flag (over a song, REALLY?!)

REKT! LMAO! Elon Musk FLATTENS the UN with one very simple and generous offer to help solve world hunger and ROFL

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