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REKT! LMAO! Elon Musk FLATTENS the UN with one very simple and generous offer to help solve world hunger and ROFL

Don’t you love it when ‘concern trolls’ make grandiose statements about other people’s wealth and what THEY could do to end world hunger? And or course, CNN is at the center of this entire embarrassing situation.


Yeah, let’s shame the rich guy into solving world hunger.

That’ll work.

Going to guess no one expected Elon to offer to do just that, and fund the END OF WORLD HUNGER.

Oh but wait, that’s not enough …

It never is.

See the Left’s War on Poverty.

Dafuq is this guy talking about?



Concern Trolls: 0

Elon Musk: 150 bazillion


Trolling Elon is our favorite Elon.



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We did NOT have, ‘Juan Williams claims Black parents don’t care about their kid’s education’ on our 2021 Lefty BINGO card yet here we are

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