Erick Erickson made a fairly exceptional point about people screeching about anyone saying, ‘Let’s go Brandon.’

Who wants to tell peeps on the Left that if they weren’t whizzing themselves over this saying it wouldn’t be so much fun to say over and over again?

Anyway, back to Erickson:

Let’s go Brandon.

The Bulwark’s senior editor clutched his pearls like nobody’s business.

Poor Jim Swift, el oh el:

Freakin’ scold.

We’re not sure what happened to Bill Kristol and this lot of so-called ‘conservatives’ but life would be much easier for them all if they’d remove those fairly large sticks stuck up their posterior. RedSteeze chimed in:


Somehow Jim thinks Erick joking about Biden is somehow worse than hanging out with a group of has-been haters who staged a fake Nazi hoax to try and hurt Glenn Youngkin who has nothing to do with Trump or Charlottesville or anything else they claimed they were trying to do in order to protect Terry McAuliffe.

Really, that was just such a sh*t show.

And Swifty wants to hang with them, which when you think about it makes sense.


Yeah, decency and stuff.



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