It’s as if they don’t remember how they treated Trump at all.

And let’s be honest, this #LetsGoBrandon phenomenon wouldn’t even be happening if that idiot reporter hadn’t tried to pretend people weren’t changing ‘F*uck Joe Biden.’ This is as much about mocking the ridiculous press as it is slamming Biden for being quite frankly one of the worst presidents in America’s history.

After only nine months in office.

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to kick off a thread REMINDING Lefty whiners about their behavior for four years in essence calling them out for being ridiculous, annoying, embarrassing hypocrites.

You’d think they would expect at least a LITTLE pushback from the Right after acting like gigantic buttholes for four years … and at least #LetsGoBrandon is freakin’ funny.

They were just outright mean.

Glenn inspired a tidal wave of humiliation for our friends on the Left.

Latest Protest Anthem.

So they weren’t comparing them to ISIS?


Attacking Trump will give you hope.

Of course not, yelling about ‘impeaching the mother f*cker’ is what got her elected.

Ugh, this guy.

Ya’ think?

Oh yeah.

THAT woman. There’s a reason Loudoun County is a disaster …



We did NOT have, ‘Juan Williams claims Black parents don’t care about their kid’s education’ on our 2021 Lefty BINGO card yet here we are

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