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UNHINGED bully Terry McAuliffe shames and scolds his supporters for NOT giving him more money in latest campaign email (screenshot)

Terry McAuliffe is doing so badly in Virginia right now that he’s taken to shaming and lecturing the supporters he does have (for now) for not giving him enough money.


Seriously. The guy is worth tens of millions of dollars and he’s scolding his followers for not footing the bill for his campaign.

What a nob.

Did his people really think this would work?

Terry going after his own supporters. Alrighty then.

His last email flopped.

Is anyone even reading them? (!!!)

Or, and hear us out, maybe people are pissed off about his comments around parents having no say in their kids’ education.

Even Democrats.

If you call the DNC machine grassroots, sure.

We can only hope his campaign flops too.


Does Virginia really want this guy in charge of their state? He’s a bully.




They don’t call him Terrible Terry McAwful for nothin’.



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