You know Biden is really doing horribly when this is what you see trending on Twitter. Melania Trump hasn’t been the First Lady in over nine months, but you know, she was trashed in a trashy book by trashy former staffer Stephanie Grisham so the trashy media (who can’t quit Trump) is all OVER it.

Forget the crisis at the border.

Forget the Biden admin targeting parents.

Forget crippling inflation.

Forget the disaster in Afghanistan.

No no, according to this book, Melania snubbed Scalise after he’d been shot and that’s important or something:

Except even Steve himself is saying this is not true.

Keep going.

And we all know the only thing that matters to them is their narrative.

What he said.

The author came back with this lame tweet:

With all due respect, right.

Steve asked for receipts, which he has not gotten yet.

Annnd *crickets*.

Pretty sure Steve would know better.

Just shameful.



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