If you really want to see sexism, misogyny, and hate, just look at how the Left/Democrats treat ANY woman in their party who dares to disagree with their agenda. In the past few days, we have seen Senator Kyrsten Sinema harassed in the bathroom, harassed at the airport, and all of this cheered on by haters on Twitter.

Like Don Winslow, who posted a picture of Kyrsten, mocking the way she looks …

Well, the pushback was a bit much for the guy who hides his bald head by cutting it off in his avatar and he deleted it. But as all Twitchy readers know, TWEETS ARE FOREVER.

Super feminist.

Super girl power.

What a putz.

Don is a true feminst.


Remember how much they loved it when McCain would put country over party?

Guess that only goes ONE way.

Some of them wear pink wigs and colorful dresses.

After Don deleted his tweet, he got all fussy and blamed MAGA bots … because RedSteeze is such a well-known Trump bot. (all the eye rolls)

What a low-life.



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