Sorry, but reading a thread written by Scott Gottlieb about the COVID vaccine and mandates politically dividing us is ALMOST a bridge too far.


We still have a little bridge left BUT NOT MUCH.

You guys think he’s the least bit aware that he has helped create and perpetuate this political divide?

The legacy of COVID will be the huge mistakes our government made over and over and over again that makes a good many Americans doubt their intentions.


Not mandates.

Not threats.

Not firing people.



And no more politics.

No kidding.

Ya’ think?

Or, and hear us out, let people make their OWN CHOICES?

This is fair, but too late in this conversation. Fauci and the CDC have done SO much damage with crap messaging already that most Americans question what comes out of these policies.

Sure, Scott, blame the unvaccinated.

It’s totally the Right’s fault the CDC and Fauci hosed the messaging and the Left played politics with the vaccine for a year. *eye roll*

In the public good.


What she said.



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