You’d think Joy Reid would bother to read the article before going on Twitter to complain about it BUT this is Joy we’re talking about.

No way she read the article if this was her takeaway unless she DID read the article and it made her mad.

Hope The Daily Wire sends her some thank you cards and cookies for drawing attention and readers to their story.


Awww, that cute little emoji, like she’s super smart and thinking more than the people she’s writing about are.

From The Daily Wire:

One of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders told The Daily Wire exclusively that MSNBC host Joy Reid committed “slander against evangelical Christianity” by claiming evangelical Christians teach that they “don’t have to really worry about my fellow man, the poor, the immigrant.”

Multiple evangelical leaders told The Daily Wire that Reid’s comments wrongly demonized evangelicals over political policy differences.

Joy Reid’s latest controversial comments came during an exchange with Robert P. Jones, the CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, on Thursday’s episode of “The ReidOut.”

Joy Reid said that evangelical Christianity is “all about personal morality, which, in your view, sort of crowded out having to care about other people.” Reid asked if evangelical Christians teach “a religious construct that says all that matters is, if I sin, I personally seek salvation, and it’s just about that — and I don’t have to really worry about my fellow man, the poor, the immigrant?”

“Yes,” replied Jones. “I describe it as a kind of holding a light too close to your face, where the background just recedes from being visible.” He said the evangelical Christian’s “hyperfocus on personal morality, personal sin … really does occlude any sense of social justice.”

Maybe don’t slander Christians, Joy?

Awww yes, the Trump argument.

The guy has been gone for over nine months and his haters still can’t let it go.




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