If only the students had a union Gavin Newsom cared about.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Governor Hair Gel put the first K-12 COVID mandate in place in the country earlier today. He did not, however, mandate that teachers and staff get the vaccine because you know, science and stuff.

Or maybe he’s just a giant pandering tool who only cares about his precious teacher’s union dues and he’s doing their bidding with this mandate so the teachers feel safer without getting the poke themselves.

What a suck head.


And now that he beat the recall he likely feels empowered to really turn the screws on his constituents.

Mary Katharine Ham said it perfectly:

Because OF COURSE.

Not the first time he’s set a crap example.

It’s become a religion for a lot of people.

If there were maybe Democrats would finally start putting them first.



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