National editor for the Huffington Post, Kate Sheppard, tweeted, ‘So I have a breakthrough case of COVID. It is mild and I just feel like I have a cold. My main symptom is RAGE.’

Oh, we grabbed this tweet, but the backfire and pushback Sheppard received from Twitter was so HILARIOUSLY impressive, she locked down her account. We were under the impression those who Twitter deems worthy of that pretty blue checkmark weren’t allowed to lock down but hey, what do we know?

She went on to complain about having to be separated from her family and asked for things to do.

You’d think that face shield, mask, and the vaccine would have protected her from COVID, right?

Oh, again, sorry. She locked down so you can’t see what we’re talking about … here ya’ go:

That’s her avatar.


Stop laughing.

See, that’s why she has rage.

Our guess is she’s blaming those who are still unvaccinated but since she protected her tweets we can’t say for sure.

Viruses are gonna virus.

Note: If you think we’re being snotty about her catching COVID, take a moment and look at how Twitter is responding to Kavanaugh having it. We’re just mocking her rage, we’re not wishing ill will or death on her, like our good friends on the Left are doing with him.

Ahem, excuse us, she’s not just angry.




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