You know, if a conservative teacher tweeted things like this they would be fired.


But in Virginia, Loudoun County especially, they love their woke, obnoxious, progressive teachers. Heck, they might even give them a bonus for tweets like these from this alleged middle school teacher named Andrea Weiskopf.

Reminder, middle school ages are 11-13 or so …

We imagine Andrea was being snarky about parents talking about how teachers are indoctrinating children, not educating them. Or, she could be cocky enough to tweet something this dumb knowing nothing will happen to her in very blue Loudoun County.

Maybe a little of both.

But wait, there’s more.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if she’s not a teacher but a troll?

From Loudoun Now:

During a June rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, one lone protester marched into a sea of hundreds of his supporters, shouting “Black Lives Matter.” Her unrelenting shouts drew jeers and stares from members of the crowd. A line of men followed closely behind her as she weaved her way through MAGA hats. Her sign said, “if you’re not here to protest racism in LCPS, go home.” She held it above her head for the entirety of Youngkin’s address to the crowd.

Andrea Weiskopf, a Loudoun middle school English and Latin teacher, has been a fixture at such events throughout the county, advocating progressive causes, for years. She began several years ago when the School Board started discussing protections for the LGBTQ community.

“I’m brave, I’m not stupid,” Weiskopf once assured security guards at a conservative event. Weiskopf isn’t shy about crowds, although she does avoid confrontation. She sat out the June 22 School Board meeting, where hundreds of people showed up to chastise the School Board for planning to implement protections for transgender students. Ultimately, a chaotic boardroom crowd was cleared out by deputies.

No, brave would be a conservative teacher speaking up. Not a progressive white liberal female teacher pretending she’s some savior for having the same progressive woke policies her ridiculous district is pushing through.


This is an insult to parody accounts everywhere.

Ding ding ding.

Because she’s super brave and stuff.


All-day this.

Parents, if you have kids in public school you must ask them EVERY DAY to talk about what they learned. Be involved. Show up to school board meetings. Get to know the teachers and make sure they KNOW YOU.

Especially with teachers like this out there …



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