The Democrats’ $3.5 TRILLION dollar spending bill is thousands and thousands of pages … because nothing says a bill is ‘necessary’ like having to use thousands of pages to explain what it is. Or there is just that much spending in the freakin’ thing.

Sort of reminds us of Dr. Evil, ‘ELEVENTY TRILLION DOLLARS!’

Tom Elliott was good enough to go through the bill and share some ‘highlights’.

Or would that be lowlights?

$15 million to resource centers for people who are underserved due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Good gravy.

See a theme here.

Look at what you’re paying for, America!


Say what?

AOC’s gets billions.

Really, Democrats?


Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax.

You evil smokers will pay the price, mwahahahahaha!

Well, you and those evil rich people.

Now, if there are evil rich people who smoke? WHOA NELLY.

Safe to say, ‘taxes’ is the Democrats’ favorite word?




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