Yeah, our government just sucks.

And it has for a long time BUT that being said, it’s getting worse, not better. It’s getting BIGGER, not smaller.

Scarier, not ‘friendlier.’

Under Biden we are seeing many of our freedoms slipping away in the name of saving the climate or saving the people or saving some other happy horse crap; it’s always magically about the greater good even though it sucks for the individual.

We’ve seen a LOT of that with the pandemic.

This thread from one of our favorites, Dr. Strangetweet, is an infuriating yet kick-a*s read:

Keep going.

We don’t!

Look at how bad our government is at EVERYTHING.

If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.


It really sucks at that now.

Thanks Biden!

Every day.


Their main COVID expert is the highest-paid government employee.


Think Russian collusion.


He’s right.



Government loves GOVERNMENT.

And that’s the truth.



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