Beyond refusing to close the border, Democrats just proved their COVID narrative is just that … a narrative.

If they were REALLY and truly concerned about the spread of COVID in America, they would not only shut down our damn borders but at the very least push to test those coming across illegally.

They voted AGAINST testing illegal immigrants.

Seriously, what does that tell us?

From TownHall:

On Wednesday afternoon Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) attempted to bring her REACT Act — which would require a negative Wuhan coronavirus test for any illegal immigrant before they are released from custody — to the House floor for consideration, but 217 Democrats voted to block consideration of the proposal.

“Today, I offered my REACT Act on the House floor, which would require DHS to give a COVID test to everyone crossing our border illegally,” Miller-Meeks Tweeted. “The majority chose to block this commonsense bill that would ensure the health and safety of border patrol and border communities.”

Meanwhile, Democrat are AOK with Americans losing their jobs if they refuse to vaccinate.

We’re living in the upside down.

WEEEEE! Democrats love their science.

Such a depressing tweet.

And all too true.



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