Fairfax County is giving Loundoun a run for its money when it comes to being the nastiest district in Virginia.

And it’s probably no coincidence both counties are very blue – you know, the sort of counties Terry McAuliffe was likely pandering to during his debate the other night when he said parents shouldn’t be in control of what their children are learning.

They’re literally suing mothers of kids with developmental disabilities.

Think about that for a minute … do we really want these people in positions of power and authority?

They actually sent someone to this mother’s home to intimidate her?



The lot of them.

Gawd forbid the public know about abuse and waste in our public school system.

Strange, right?

It shouldn’t take an effort like this to stop a parent of a child with special needs from getting harassed by a school district but this is Northern Virginia we’re talking about here.


And from what we saw from Terry McAuliffe during the debate, the culture war against parents from Democrats is very real.

Parents have to start standing up and fighting back, not just by attending school board meetings but by VOTING in person en masse. If not now, there may not be another opportunity for parents to have a voice in their own children’s schooling.

It is.

Which is why we need real change at the top.



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