Biden is going down faster than … you know what, we can’t make this joke but now we’re all thinkin’ it. YOU’RE WELCOME.

We don’t expect President Silver Alert to do well with Republicans or even Libertarians, but with Independents? Maybe?

Honestly, these approval numbers surprised even us.

They should just start calling them DISAPPROVAL numbers at this point:

Yikes! Down 21 in an ABC/WaPo poll?

Even CNN has him down 8.

Womp womp womp.

To be fair, the old-timer didn’t have a whole lot of political capital to spare when he whimpered into office in June. At this point, he’s probably in DEBT.


Although the monster waiting in the wings is even worse.

Good point. Often, these polls are heavily slanted with Democrats, Democrats who may think of themselves as Independents.

Which makes these numbers even more damning.



You know, it really does.

And the best part is, Biden is dragging down other candidates with him.

Like Terry ‘Parents shouldn’t be involved in their children’s education’ McAuliffe.

Thanks, Joe!