Remember when the Democrats and Never Trump yahoos were celebrating because Biden aka the adults were FINALLY back in the White House? Man, if this is the job adults get done when they’re in charge we’ll take the kids running the ship again because holy crap …

It just gets worse and worse.

No wonder Biden’s approval is tanking with Independents:

Reminder, when Trump left the economy was rebounding and jobless claims were going DOWN.

Then again, Biden’s peeps will just blame Trump and the media will support that narrative but still.

Except they won’t be allowed to apply for benefits.

Really evil, we know.

Sad that life is so ridiculous these days that we have to tell one another when we’re being sarcastic.

They’re too busy firing teachers and nurses to focus on job creation.


Awful. We’ll say it again, evil.

Biden’s legacy.

Scary times we’re living in.



And we thought gas-station SUSHI was unpopular: Biden’s net approval with KEY group spells BAD NEWS for all Democrats