Nailed it.


Robert J. O’Neill has really good aim, both in real life (he’s the guy who ACTUALLY got Bin Laden) and on social media. He tweeted about the ‘cycle’ Americans keep finding themselves in over and over and over again.

If only we could figure out how to stop it?


So much this.

The establishment doesn’t care about any of us.

Psh, let them shut down.

They were fine shutting us down, destroying our jobs and our businesses, we shouldn’t shed one single tear if they shut down.

Certainly feels that way.

Welcome to 2021.

Have you met our modern-day government?


We most certainly wouldn’t miss them or their regulations or taxes or anything else they’ve seen fit to bestow upon us over the past few decades.




And Terry McAuliffe wants THESE people in charge of YOUR child’s education: Fairfax County Public School suing ANOTHER parent of special-ed child

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