America is so racist and hateful that people keep having to fake hate crimes to prove there are a lot of hate crimes here.

Or something.

You’d think by now they’d have figured out they always get caught and yet … here we are.

A student.

From The Daily Mail Online:

A black student scrawled racist graffiti that led a thousand Missouri students to walk out of their classrooms in protest.

On Tuesday, the student admitted to writing ‘HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE’ and ‘N*****’ on September 23 in several bathrooms in two district schools – Parkway Central and Parkway North.

It led to a mass student protest the next day on September 24.

Superintendent Keith Marty wrote to parents to tell them that a black student was behind the vandalism and praised the student protests.

Regardless of the development, the superintendent told students he was ‘proud’ in his letter, commending them for ‘proactively [leading] walkouts.’

‘We remain hurt by the actions of the student, as it does not represent the values of our community,’ wrote the superintendent.

Students were captured cursing at school administrators, shedding tears, and chanting into bullhorns at the protest.

This one was especially bad.


And sadly, it’s not funny.

Ya’ think?

ANOTHER fake hate crime. Color us shocked.



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