Bernie Sanders seems cranky that his giant bill that would usher socialism through America’s front door is not passing the Senate. Keep in mind, Bernie himself is a senator, so you’d think he would know how this works but …

Bernie is just a silly ol’ socialist.


Maybe Bernie was counting using socialist math?

Last time we checked, 52 is bigger than 48.

See, we can math!

A Republic is a socialist’s kryptonite, right after capitalism.

Repeat after us, Bern.





Sooo … WHITE RAGE? HuffPo Ntl. Ed. Kate Sheppard claiming RAGE is her main symptom with ‘breakthrough case of COVID’ BACKFIRES hilariously

Translation: They’re OLD! Jen Psaki learns the HARD WAY praising Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer’s LOOONG history of experience is bad, SO bad and LOL

‘Fat, drunk, and STUPID is no way to go through life’: Loudoun County, VA middle school teacher thinks it’s FUNNY to openly brag about indoctrinating YOUR KIDS