Man, we know we’re super biased but Terry McAuliffe is just a serious as*hole, right? First he yelled at a VA sheriff for asking him to say he would not defund the police and now he’s yelling at a CNN host who dared to say he was wrong for comparing Glenn Youngkin to Donald Trump.

This was bad.


“Come on, Erin. He’s not going against Trump. I mean, through the whole campaign, he’s talked about election integrity. Come on. For eight, nine months, that’s been his number one thing he’s talked about!” he fumed.

Election integrity has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with keeping Democrats like McAuliffe from cheating in Virginia. Terry keeps trying to make the race about/against Trump because clearly, he can’t beat Youngkin.

It’s pathetic and hopefully, Independents, Moderates, and even some Democrats can see this guy would be a disaster for Virginia.


Terry Tantrum.

Terrible Terry.


He’s earned these nicknames, FOLKS. Sorry, he uses the word ‘folks’ to pretend he’s just another Virginian SO MUCH we’ve turned it into a drinking game.

The comment where he said parents shouldn’t have a say in what their kids are taught?

If McAwful was a Republican he’d already be done, yup. But that D by his name allows him some leeway to act like a d*ck and get away with it.


You know that’s what really p*ssed him off. He thought he’d go on CNN and have an easy interview that would help him frame Glenn as some crazy Trumper, but even CNN called bullsh*t.

Terry might need to come up with some actual reasons to vote for him other than telling people why they shouldn’t vote for Glenn.

We personally can’t think of any reason anyone would vote for Terry …



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