Biden is the president of the government, not of the people.

He cares far more about protecting agencies and bureaucracies than he does the American people. Otherwise, why would he allow his administration to target angry parents who are only defending their kids? Surely no one is surprised that parents are angry after the last 19 months of ridiculous overreach including no classroom instruction, masking, and of course the infamous CRT, which our ‘betters’ in government claim no one is teaching.

But you know, the parents are somehow the bad guys here:

Standing up for your kids’ education makes you a domestic terrorist in America.

Well, in Biden’s America.

What an absolute travesty.

Remember when Obama used the IRS to target conservatives?

Now Biden is doing something similar with school boards.

And the IRS.

And the DHS.

And the DOH.

Because there haven’t been any legit threats.

School board harpies just don’t like being confronted and they got used to parents being asleep at the wheel so now they don’t know how to deal with parents who are involved. So they want them labeled as terrorists.


We must not let them.


THIS is the true resistance, peeps.

Skeery parents though!



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