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BAHAHA! Women's March lectures white liberal women NOT to use 'Handmaid's Tale' imagery at abortion rally because it's RACIST

Women’s March had some guidelines and rules for women (or men?) who wanted to march for the right to continue aborting like crazy. Our first thought is if these women need people to tell them what to do when they rally they might not be all that bright in the first place. Which reads when you think about it.


What the Hell is abortion justice?

We’d think abortion justice means justice for the person being aborted, not the a-hole having it.



Oh, keep reading, it gets funnier.

Right-wing talking points? Huh?! We’re not the ones who have been threatening the pro-life movement with SO MANY DEATHS of women if abortion is limited. That ‘lovely’ visual belongs to the Left and the pro-aborts.

Sorry, not sorry.

This one guidance right here though …


Okay liberal white women, knock it off with that RACIST Handmaid’s Tale stuff. LOL

Handmaid’s Tale is racist.

Alrighty then.


Yeah, isn’t the name of their organization super anti-Trans?

See what we mean?

So there!

We absolutely laughed out loud.


But apparently, the Women’s March only cares about Black women being able to abort at will and on-demand which sounds … pretty damn racist.



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