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Talk out your a*s MUCH?! LOL! Eric Swalwell claims 'every poll' shows Americans support Biden's Build Back Better and HELLOOO backfire

You know it’s not a good day for Eric Fartswell … sorry … Swalwell if we’re writing about him twice.

First, it was the ridiculous thread where he claimed Biden did a good job in Afghanistan (and Trump bad!), and then this tweet claiming ‘every poll’ says Americans support Biden’s crap Build Back Better bill. We knew this guy had the IQ of an amoeba that ate paint chips as a baby amoeba but WOW, really?


Which polls, Eric? Name them.

Name one that isn’t CNN or MSNBC or some other Clinton-backed David Brock thing.

Notice he didn’t link to any of them in his claim.


Wrote it in Chinese.

We love that.



We all know it.

Swalwell is just a disaster which means he’s perfect for California.



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