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THIS! --> Tulsi Gabbard gets WAY too honest about what inspired 9/11 terrorist attacks and the frothy-mouthed Left JUST CAN'T DEAL

Is Tulsi Gabbard the only one on the ‘Left’ who hasn’t completely lost their minds?

We’re starting to think so.


Wait, you mean it wasn’t America’s fault that a bunch of terrorists attacked innocent Americans on our own soil? Gosh, the way the Left behaves on the anniversary of 9/11 you’d think our skirt was too short or something.

Who knew?

Oh, that’s right, every sane person living in America.

Tulsi continued:




It’s not evil capitalism you troglodytes.

And you know she got way too honest because said troglodytes lost their minds:




Holy crap.

Sweet baby corn.

Putin’s girl?


Not when it’s literally what happened.



Probably not bright enough to see the irony of his or her (wouldn’t want to misgender them) own tweet.

They do.

Sorry, not sorry.



LOL-YES! It’s a THING now: Thread shows multiple college football crowds (and more) chanting ‘F**K JOE BIDEN’ a

And BOOM: Robert O’Neill — Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden — DROPS Biden with 1 MERCILESS tweet after seeing him BOOED at 9/11 Memorial (watch)

Awww, someone has a SAD: When asked what he’s thinking about on 9/11, Biden exploits the dead to whine about ‘F Biden’ signs

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