Someone seems upset.

It’s the 20-year-anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil EVER, Joe, maybe don’t exploit the dead to whine about Americans putting up signs that say, F Biden. Maybe don’t make the day about YOU.

At least that’s what we think he’s talking about? To be honest, we just hear a lot of word salad but Jewish Deplorable’s ‘transcript’ helps some.


Poor Biden. He has a sad.

Not for the Americans he’s supposed to be honoring though.

No no.

He has a sad for himself.

‘The people who died’ would probably be wondering how the Hell we elected this guy …

Right? Why he is wearing a mask if he’s outside AND vaccinated? This is just weird.


We can only hope.


Hey, ask a stupid question …

Would be fitting.

C’mon man! Those purple donkeys eating ice cream in Venezuela riding a pancake need you to watch golfing leprechauns!

Could be a Biden transcript, eh?



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