We could watch Gov. DeSantis rip into Joe Biden and this lame-as* vaccine mandate ALL DAY. It’s good to see a Republican who is actually willing to stand up to Dick-tator Biden.

DeSantis and Rand Paul are about the only ones we’ve seen really push back … maybe some others will figure out we need them to get to work?

This is awesome.


He’s always trying to blame other people.

Ding ding ding.

Our favorite is how he promised he wouldn’t blame other people for his failures when he was campaigning but the first thing he did with any issue he’s created during his presidency was to blame Trump.

Screwed up the border? But Trump.

Screwed up COVID? But Trump.

Screwed up inflation? But Trump.

Screwed up energy independence? But Trump.

Embarrassed himself and our country for the whole world to witness in Afghanistan? But Trump.

People shouldn’t lose their jobs, their livelihoods, over a vaccine.

He gets it.

Too bad the rich old white guy in the White House doesn’t seem to get it.

What’s to stop them from forcing employers to fire conservatives? People of a certain color? Religion? The damage the feds could do if this actually stays in place would be unheard of and this country would never be the same.

Get ’em Ron.





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