Well, color us shocked.

Jake Tapper isn’t necessarily sure Biden ‘punishing’ unvaccinated Americans is the way to go.

Not bad.

Well, it’s not bad unless you’re a chest-thumping, mouth-breathing harpy on the Left who wants anyone who disagrees with you PUNISHED!

Let the shrieking begin …

This implies that Jake Tapper often calls Biden out …

Maybe this Chris person isn’t familiar with CNN or Jake?

Just spitballin’.

Is it just our imagination or does this guy look like he constantly smells a fart?



And holy crap you guys, the people responding to the guy who looks like he smelled a fart might as well break out the torches and pitchforks.

Keep your fingers and hands away from their mouths, folks.

You want to know the scariest part? These people think they’re the ‘good guys.’ They don’t understand that the moment these vaccines were politicized BY THE LEFT last summer it was done; when Kamala said she wouldn’t trust a vaccine under Trump?

C’mon man.

And what Biden did yesterday will only make it worse, as government always does.

Jake is right to question this …

Would someone check if Hell froze over? Thanks.



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