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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Kamala Harris DRAGGED spectacularly for picking day AFTER Biden took choice away with COVID vaccine to push abortion/pro-choice

Someone needs to teach Kamala Harris how to read the damn room.


Babbling about how women should be able to make decisions about their own bodies to push abortion the DAY AFTER Biden took the choice from millions of Americans around the COVID vaccine(s) is just another example of how absolutely out of touch and unlikable this broad is.


She is definitely Biden’s 25th Amendment insurance because even the Democrats know she’s a disaster.





If you don’t take the vaccine they will make your life a living Hell.



This is not difficult.

What a guy.



‘Cry harder, clown’: Chris Cillizza is ‘MAD AS HELL’ at evil people not ‘taking a damn vaccine’ and ROFL talk about some serious backfire

‘When the govt. inseminates you, let us know’: Blue-check’s attempt to compare Biden forcing vaccinations to restricting abortion BACKFIRES hilariously

‘Spoiler alert: I DIDN’T resign’: Sean Spicer TROUNCES Jen Psaki for dissing his qualifications and YEARS of service in LEGENDARY thread

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