While we’re distracted with The Twitter Files and the Biden crime family in general, Julie Kelly has been keeping her proverbial eye on the prize and continues to report on what is happening with the Department of Justice.

WOOF, you guys.

It’s hard to believe this is our federal government at work but then again … after everything we’ve seen over the past decade, maybe it’s not all that hard to believe. Thank goodness for Kelly covering all of this and writing it in a way that makes sense.

Take a gander:

Set up by the FBI to make it look like ‘domestic terrorists’ loyal to Trump tried to kidnap and kill Whitmer in 2020.


Sounds like something you’d read in a cheesy novel, right? But it’s real life.

She continued.

Suuure, DOJ … the guy with no toilet was trying to start a REVOLUTION.

Dude can’t even get himself a toilet but by golly he can overthrow the government.

*sigh again*

Can’t even get the year right BUT you know, otherwise they’re doing a bang-up job.

Considering they’re shameless, we don’t expect them to accept any shame here anytime soon.

Sadly the more we learn the more this sounds true.

*adjusts tinfoil*

We’ll keep an eye on it …

Ok, so Julie Kelly will keep an eye on it and we’ll continue to follow Julie but you know what we mean. Heh.



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