Man, we are so tired of COVID. LOL

And if we’re tired of writing about it we can only imagine how tired you all are of hearing and reading about it. But this thread, released on a day when we know Sleepy Joe is about to come at us with a six-pronged plan to ‘stop the virus’ is worth a read.

Too bad the people who really need to read it, won’t.

And we shut down the country over it.

Keep going.

BUT millions of children are masked in school.

Keep going.

But we’re totally ignoring that people who’ve had COVID have the antibodies to fight it.

Keep going.

But there are morons who keep pushing for cities to lock down.

Keep going.

But the teacher’s unions keep telling us we have to protect the children.

Keep going.

But somehow everyone is still listening to Fauci.

Keep going.


If only they would mask while driving or riding in a car.

*eye roll*


Sorry, tension breaker.

Had to be done.



NO champion of women! Allie Beth Stuckey pulls ZERO punches dropping AOC for minimizing who women really ARE

So it BEGINS: Joe Biden will prove himself the authoritarian the Left always accused Trump of being by signing EO (and other COVID stuff)