Seems the media think it’s funny when Republicans get hurt.

Just yesterday, one of the as*-nuggets who cofounded The Lincoln Project joked about Rand Paul getting beaten up by his neighbor. Forget that Rand actually was very hurt and lost part of a lung from that attack, but HAHA, it’s funny when someone they politically disagree with gets injured.

To be fair, if it was just the troglodytes at The Lincoln Project being obnoxious we likely wouldn’t pay them any mind (honestly, if they AREN’T being obnoxious that’s way more newsworthy), but this has been a ‘running joke’ in the media and on social media since it happened.

John Ekdahl’s thread explains this in a far better way:

If some Democrat had been beaten as badly by his neighbor and Republicans joked about it we’d get lectured about right-wing violence.

Sort of like we are anyway:

This. ^

The Left talks about punching Nazis and conveniently believe anyone they disagree with is a Nazi.

But you know, the right-wing is the violent one.

Gawd no.

The media would cover it for weeks, maybe months, and then use it to vilify any and every Republican they could.

We’d STILL be hearing about it if a Trump supporter did what that Bernie supporter did.


We’re sure their rationale is ‘Kavanaugh has it coming.’

Of course.



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