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'Sit this one OUT, Sparky': Ben Rhodes shakes his finger at the media for being SO MEAN to Biden and yeah, that doesn't go well

Ben Rhodes is super fussy with the media for being so MEAN to Biden about his huge, ginormous, embarrassing, straight-up FAIL in Afghanistan. Guess he feels like if the media would just stop picking on Sleepy Joe this mess that is TANKING his approval ratings would just magically go away.


And bringing up Bush when most of these people covering Afghanistan weren’t even journalists way back then because they were in GRADE SCHOOL?

Someone is very DESPERATE for this all to go away.

Ben, Ben, Ben … there’s a time to tweet and a time to not. This is your time to NOT.


Huh, that doesn’t really work either considering Biden totally ignored Trump’s plan to withdrawal based on conditions being met by Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Oopsie, Biden just sucks, Ben.

Own it.


Darn you, Christine! You should have been attacking Bush on Twitter back then!

Ben has actually bragged about how easy it is to control the media.

Seems that’s not the case this time around.







Yeah, we’re surprised too.

Heck, look at what ABC News said about his speech today …



WHOA: Even ABC News is calling Biden out for claiming Afghanistan evacuation was an ‘extraordinary success’ (watch)

No, REALLY you guys! Biden White House says pulling troops was ‘best way’ to help Americans they stranded in Afghanistan

Dude. Really? State Dept Spox tough-tweeting about Taliban needing to ‘meet its obligations’ leads to some IMPRESSIVE pointing and laughing

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